Look at this gorgeous blue/black/white Fair Isle stranded knitted hat. The pattern is free and offered by Cascade.  Sarah D. knitted it!  Stop by the shop to see the cowl (also knitted by Sarah). Wouldn't you like to take a class and learn how to make them too?!

Fair Isle technique can also be done on the circular sock machines! Sign up to make one or more beautiful hats with new Erlbacher Gearhart circular sock machine, the Bumblebee! It has flown into the shop!






Long Socks with Ribbing

Of all the things that can be made on the circular sock machine, SOCKS are the prized project. But yes, you can really knit them too from beginning to end. The Sock Peddlers are going to be with you every stitch of the way and this is why no experience is necessary for these crew socks. You will feel absolutely accomplished every time you wear your socks.  The length of this class is structured toward adults and teenagers. Will your socks be a treasured gift to someone or will you keep this first pair for yourself?



Short Socks

SHORT SOCKS! Make a pair of socks from beginning to end. These socks will be about ankle high with the cuff folded down and secured on the inside. 



Wooly Bully Warmers

Make arm,  leg or wrist warmers. Which one would you like to do? Compared to the scarves class, this takes a little longer because "two" have to be made.  This party would be perfect with a planned break in between the pair. Ask about mock ribbing!

Kid Friendly 1.5 -2  hours



Scarves and Socks

Whirl and twirl a little or a lot - if you are short or tall, it matters NOT! Scarves are great "first" projects with kids and adults. Who doesn't like to go round-n-round? Additional time can be added for pom-poms and tassels-all without hassles.

Very Kid Friendly 1 hour minimum



Kitchener Stitch

Learn how to do the kitchener stitch to close your toes. You will have a seamless graft!

1 hour

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